Unmatched Protection: High Quality Tactical Gear, Vetted by Veterans

SK7® Kourass

Built For Professionals: SK7Kourass Plate Carrier Offers Heavy-Duty Protection and a Quick-Release Functionality.

AR500® Testudo

Maximize Your Protection: Testudo™ Gen 2.0 Plate Carrier Offers Complete Coverage and Customizable Comfort.

AR500® Veritas

Streamline Your Defense: Veritas Lite™ Plate Carrier Delivers Durability and Modular Adaptability for Optimal Mission Performance.

Tough Hook®

Elevate Your Organization: The Tough Hook® Hanger Ensures Unrivaled Strength and Durability for Securely Hanging and Transporting Heavy Gear.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Exceeded my expectations. I used to be worried about my body armor being cracked. Now I don't have to worry and won't have to buy new gear for 15 years! I can't believe the difference compared to what I was wearing before.
— Jonathan Masters
Customer reviews
When I tried it on and saw in-person it's performance, I bought my SWAT team 5 sets with their plate carriers, too. I'm sold. We don't have a huge budget and this stuff will last us a long time and we don't have to worry about it breaking. We have a lot of lakes and rivers in our county and now we have a solution where the body armor won't weigh down our team in water. Awesome stuff.
— Anonymous Pennsylvania Sheriff