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Confidence Saves Lives

When you are wearing ShotStop plates that have all the stopping power at a fraction of the weight giving you more mobility, speed and comfort, this breeds the confidence in you to safeguard the lives that you serve to protect.

Our patented Duritium® technology and processes allow our advanced body armor to be thinner, lighter, and more durable than anything else on the market. Utilizing Duritium technology often results in up to 45 percent reduction in thickness and up to 200 percent reduction in weight, compared to other body armor plates (steel, ceramic, or poly) on the market at the same protection level. This means military, law enforcement, and security personnel in the field can have the same protection level with much less bulk and weight, experiencing dramatically improved comfort and mobility.  

What makes ShotStop body armor better?

  • Extremely Lightweight

  • Ultra-Thin/Less Bulk

  • Durability/Warranty:  15 Years Level 3, 10 years Level 4